ITS NOT RUGBY...!!! Yes we're sure ...and you will love it.

Aussie Rules Football is a super fun sport that will keep you fit and will bring out a whole new set of skills you never knew you had. With an all round active practice program, you can start on that road to be an athlete or be a far better one. Either way, the choice is still yours.

Sign up here now and be the first of your friends to start something exciting and great for your well being. They will simply be amazed and you will too, we promise.

We have scaled back practices to just a few players per session and taking extra COVID-19 safety precautions till we get through this winter uptick in the spread. Please contact us if you would like to come down. 3.00pm Sundays.

  • What is Aussie Rules Football

    Aussie Rules Football, is a fast, high scoring action packed game.

    Watch this video to get up to speed with the competitive game. We also have a safe non tackle co-ed version anyone can play. It is huge fun as well. Come give it a try.

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Rome Redbacks Australian Rules Football, the very sport you've been waiting for.

We are pleased to announce a return to Aussie Rules Football practices here in Rome GA. With the slow reduction of COVID-19 cases in Floyd County it has been a wait, but one we have been fully supportive of.

Practices, in a modified form, are on Wednesday evenings at 5.00pm whilst we still have some light and Sundays at 4.00pm at Tolbert Park. There will be in place some COVID protocols to follow so we stay safe. To join in on our practices, and everyone is welcome Males and Females, 14 years to 64 years, join our players group on Facebook or reach out to Head Coach Wayne Kraska on 404 617 2311. Or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Aussie Rules Football, you might have seen it on ESPN or Fox Sports recently is played nearly in every state in the USA. The Rome Redbacks and Atlanta Kookaburras hope to back playing games in the very near future. First step is controlled safe practices, moving up to non tackle social games then likely full match games at a later time.

So if you want to get fit even, come try this out, you will be guided through the basic skills whilst enjoying an active hour of team practice. No experience is necessary. We also look forward to post training drinks at our sponsors, The River Dog Outpost.


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