ITS NOT RUGBY...!!! Australian Rules Football is a far far different sport than Rugby, it is faster, more skillful and higher scoring. Played on very large oval field, the game is free flowing, Rugby is not. Aussie Rules or "Footy" as it is generally called, requires players to kick the ball forwards through the air and to catch it, in Rugby they throw the ball backwards. In Aussie you score by kicking the ball through the biggest of four posts in your offensive end, in Rugby you score by diving on the ground with the ball to score a "try".

In Aussie Rules Football it is like everyone is a Quarterback. No player is more important than the other and there is no offside rule at all. What that means the ball moves quickly from one end of the field to the other and the game is high scoring. Sometimes scores for both teams can be over 100 points. So come down to a practice and learn about a very active and fun sport that will keep you fit and teach you a whole new set of skills you never knew you had.

  • A New Sport In Town

    Rome Redbacks an Aussie Rules Football, fitness and social club. Playing social games of Aussie Rules football or AFLS and full scale games in the United States Australian Football League.

    Come along to get some fitness going, make new friends and have a great time.

  • What is Aussie Rules Football

    Aussie Rules Football, is a fast, high scoring action packed game.

    Watch this video to get up to speed with most of the rules, how its played and how exciting a game it can be. There no other game like it.

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Welcome to the Rome Redbacks Australian Rules Football, Fitness & Social Club

Rome Redbacks Schedule 2019The Rome Redbacks season in 2019 will rely again on the assistance of our nearby friends the Atlanta Kookaburras as we play them four times and join with them in Savannah for the first ever game of Aussie Rules Football in the home of the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. ;)

The  most exciting part of the Rome schedule however is is the first ever game of Aussie Rules Football right here in Rome Georgia on June 1st. This is now followed up by a home game on August 24th. So brush up on your AFL rules or watch a few games on Fox Sports FS1 & FS2, over the next month so you are ready for all the action.

Oh by the way, we are looking for players to learn the game right now and be ready for that game on May 11th and the rest of the season. A few practices and you will be ready for your first game of Aussie Rules Football, you can do it, Also a few volunteers to help on the day are needed. Use the contact form here.

If you are a business here in Rome also we would love to hear from you as well. We can help get your name out there as a true supporter of Rome Georgia's newest sports team, the Rome Redbacks.

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